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Bankruptcy modifies the collection of all kinds of debt. 


Do you receive late notices and collection letters in the mail?  You probably opened them at first, but now do you just throw them in an unopened pile, hoping to deal with them later – and later never comes? Are you tired of explaining why you have not paid a bill, embarrassed telling complete strangers [...]


The World’s Worst Ever Sellout – Is Your State In?
Over 40 states have already signed on to the sellout deal the corrupt politicians negotiated, so they could run for office beating their chests bragging about their tremendous accomplishment, with their mortgage company liege lords, who should have already started their prison terms, to get them off the hook for the greatest financial crimes in [...]


Trillion Dollar Student Loan Industry Exempt From Bankruptcy
In 2010, the annual volume of new student loans reached 100 billion dollars. There are now more than a trillion dollars in student loan debt on the books and this type of debt is growing rapidly. A new economic crisis is about to emerge. Student loan debt cannot be discharged in bankruptcy except under the [...]


Three Costly Emotions That Keep You In Debt 

Emotions, not reasons, keep people from filing bankruptcy and starting fresh.  My fellow bankruptcy lawyer  Jay Fleischman has it backwards when he says that for his clients, the decision to file is “purely emotional”. Emotions stand between debtors and a rational decision that their debts can never be repaid and that bankruptcy is the solution. [...]